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XNAT Workflow for new users

To upload data to XNAT for the first time, several steps are required (also see image):


All of these points are explained below. Furthermore, the different possible access rights for users and projects are listed in the last section.

Create account

Both services have a separate procedure for the registration of new users.

More detailed information about registration, including screenshots, can be found in the Account Management section of the XNAT Documentation. Everything below Enhanced Authentication Options on that page is not relevant for our services.

Create project

After the account is approved, you can create a new project or request access to an existing one.

  • To create a new project, select in the top menu the option New. A new menu should appear below it. Select 'Project' in that new menu. After filling in the details, a new project is created. Also see section 1 of Creating and Managing Projects chapter of the XNAT manual.
  • To request access for a project, select the project on the homepage or via the left menu -> Other projects if the project is not listed on the home page. See Access rights below which role you should request for which actions. Each project has a principal investigator which should grant access for the request.

Upload and archive data

To store medical images in XNAT e.g. MRI, CT, PET, different upload techniques are available.

Each of these techniques are explained in their corresponding pages (you click on the link).

Share data

XNAT Workflow for requesting project access

When creating a new project in XNAT, the accessability can be configured as: public, protected and private.

  • Public: anyone can see the data, but cannot not upload/delete data
  • Protected: shown on the home page, but have to request access
  • Private: not shown on the home page, have to request access

You can invite users to a project with the following steps (also see image):

  • Select the project
  • Go to the access tab in the center menu
  • Select the user with the button 'Show list'
  • Select the user with the appropriate role (see below)
  • After confirmation the added user will receive an e-mail notification

When adding a new user to a project, his or her role can be configured as: owner, member, collaborator.

  • Owner: can do any action for a project.
  • Member: can do any action for a project, except deleting data.
  • Collaborator: can read/download data.

See XNAT User Roles and Permissions and XNAT Central FAQ for more information.