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The Java upload or viewer gives a security error

In one of the latest Java releases, Java uses scricter security rules for applets. In the used XNAT version, the applets to not yet comply with their standards. XNAT has made new applets available, which will be installed shortly. For now, we propose the solution found here.

Images not visible in prearchive

If your data is uploaded, receive no errors, but they are not visible in the prearchive, the DICOMS may not be prearchived in the correct project. The primary cause is that the project tag is not set. See Project selection for more information. If the tag is set, please contact one of the Administrators, as they can see all data in the prearchive.

Registration fails for invited users

In the current XNAT version there is a bug when inviting unregistered users for a project. The error occurs when a new user receives an e-mail with an invitation and registration link, but the registration fails after submitting the form. To add a new user that is not yet registered to a project, please ask him or her first to register using the normal procedure (see Create Account). After that, the owner can add the user to the project.