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General data structure

The XNAT data model is a hierarchy consisting of several layers:

  • Project: a project for a specific research project.
  • Subject: a patient.
  • Session (also known as Experiment): a set of scans for a specific modality (CT/MRI/PET).
  • Scan: a set of images performed during a session on a patient for a project.

Experiment data structure

A new project, subject and session can be created using the top menu on the XNAT website -> New.

Beside a scan, two other types of material can be uploaded:

  • Reconstruction: for derived files based on the scans e.g. an average.
  • Assessment: for derived files based on analysis e.g. logs, spreadsheets.
  • (Additional) Resources: any other data e.g. small video's, documents.

These additional types can be uploaded via Pyxnat.