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The XNAT service can be installed on a new system using the following steps. The installation is performed with Puppet and several steps required to install Puppet that should be executed first.


  • The default installation directory is the home dir (/home/xnat/) and that at least 1.5 GB is required for installation.
  • The following ports should be open in the firewall:
    • 22: ssh for the installation.
    • 80: webserver
    • 443: webserver with SSL if required
    • 8104: default DICOM interface port (can be changed later)

Installation manual/script

The readme and installation manual can now be found on bitbucket in the file README and INSTALL. Repos:


There is a test script available on This script uploads a given directory, downloads it from the XNAT service and checks the contents of both directories with MD5 hashes. Ideally it should be run in a cron job that runs each night (or more often) test if the service is still available.

There are two places that should be edited in the script:

  1. At the bottom in the function run the parameters should be given.
  2. At line 27, the glob function should be adjusted for the given dataset.

Note that the project given in the run function (default NightlyTest) should be created before running the test. Furthermore, in the options of the project, auto-archiving should be enabled. After each test, all data that is created from the test is removed when the test is completed.