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Welcome to the BMIA-XNAT user guide. The official XNAT user guide can be found on: https://wiki.xnat.org/display/XNAT16/2.+User+Documentation. Most information can be found in their user guide. As a quick start guide, this wiki provides a summary of the most relevant points of their documentation, and linking to specific XNAT webpages for more information. Furthermore, several examples and configurations are given.

For testing the project Testsandbox is available. This public project can be used to checkout and try XNAT for viewing and downloading data. If you just want to test XNAT, you can create an account and upload data to this project. This is to prevent that a lot of testprojects are created. For uploading, you have to request access using the registration procedure; see XNAT: Quick Start Guide.

Contact information



The BMIA-XNAT service has been setup with support of the CTMM TraIT project (http://www.ctmm-trait.nl).


XNAT instance for TraIT/CTMM: https://xnat.bmia.nl.

Home page of XNAT: http://www.xnat.org

User documentation: https://wiki.xnat.org/display/XNAT16/2.+User+Documentation